Home & Commercial Building Tinting

Professional window tinting can be useful for many different purposes:


  • Heat Reduction
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV Protection
  • Privacy
  • Security


Customers may only want some of the above benefits, or may even see some of the above as detrimental, because of this there is no one size fits all film. Instead we have a variety of option, catering to different needs.

  • Slate 30 is our most popular film. It reduces a large amount of heat and light, without being too dark. From the outside looking in this film is highly reflective giving great privacy during the day light hours. From the inside looking out it only slightly darkens what the outside should look like, and if all windows along the same wall are tinted with Slate 30, most people can’t tell they are tinted from the way they look.

Example Buildings in Rapid City: Rapid Lube, 509 E Omaha St.



  • Slate 10 is our darkest film that safe for Insulted Glass/Double Pane Glass. It reduces solar energy/heat by almost 80% and cuts visible light down to only 12%. This film is great for TV or Computer rooms where glare is a serious issue, or is rooms where the heat from the sun makes the room unbearable. From the outside looking in this film is highly reflective giving great privacy during the day light hours.

Example Buildings in Rapid City: TLC Pet Hospital, 811 Disk Dr. Suite #8



  • Autumn Bronze 30 is nearly identical to Slate 30 in its effect, but instead has a red hue. This makes the film feel very natural looking on Wood or Brick buildings.

Example Buildings in Rapid City: Pennington Title Company, 725 Kansas City St.



  • Hilite 70 is a film designed for store fronts. Most other films we use are highly reflective from the outside, making it impossible to see into the windows they are on. For many customers that an advantage, privacy. For stores that want to show off their products that’s detrimental, this is where Hilite 70 shines. It allows most of the visible light through, while blocking around 2/3 of the solar energy/heat and almost all the UV, but not impeding the ability to see in or out of a window.

Example Buildings in Rapid City: Verizon Wireless, 1612 Eglin St. Suite #300 (Rushmore Crossing)



  • 8 mil Security is an invisible film that provides brake protection. Instead of shattering into thousands of pieces the film holds the glass together after the glass breaks. This effect can prevent people from being harmed by glass shattering over them or make it many times more difficult for a thief to break through a window. Security film still blocks almost all the UV light despite being completely invisible.

For Security Reasons, we don’t disclose locations of building with security film on them.